Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Week 10 Peer Assessment

Development Work
  • Character Research.
  • Character Design, including character poses, expressions and colour studies.
  • Front and side T/M pose reference drawings. Well drawn? Enough detail? Are they fit for purpose?

 Maya Modelling
  • Well Ordered Mesh.
  • Mostly Quads (four sided polygons).
  • Edge loops round eyes and mouth.
  • Evenly distributed polygons.
  • Enough detail to define the shape of the character.

 Maya Scene File
  • Objects within the scene are correctly named and placed within an appropriate hierarchy.
  • Modeling Scene is within a correctly ordered Maya directory structure (e.g. scene folder).
  • Reference images and texture maps (Colour and bump maps) are within a correctly ordered Maya directory structure ( e.g in the correct source images folder).
  • Objects within the scene are correctly named and placed within an appropriate hierarchy.
  • Construction history has been deleted on the final modeled objects (edit - delete by type – history).

 Student Blogs
  • Regular Posts that are reflective in nature.
  • Documentation of Process, including and especially your Maya work.

 UV Mapping and Texturing
  • UV maps are aligned correctly within texture space, they have been cut, moved, sewn and unfolded in a coherent manner, suitable for texture painting.
  • A Range of textures, including colour and bump maps, correctly mapped and suitable for the different parts of the model.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

LIVE Q&A with Phil Tippett - 16th November

LIVE Q&A with Phil Tippett - 16th November. Four time Oscar winning animator and the special effects genius behind The Empire Strike Back and Jurassic Park.

We are honored to welcome Phil Tippett to talk - via Skype - at The University of Worcester about his career in special effects and his more recent work as the Director of ‘MADGOD'. Phil is responsible for the AT-AT walkers in The Empire Strikes Back, ED-209 in Robocop and, most famously, the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. This event is open to all family and friends of university staff & students as well.
Please come to the Unwin Lecture Theatre for 6.40 for the screening of Phil’s own film MADGOD (Parts 1&2) at 6.40pm. (Some disturbing scenes)
Or join us at 7.20pm for the live Q&A with Phil Tippett direct from Los Angeles. The event will finish at 8pm.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Useful Resources...

If you are not already a member of these sites you should consider joining if you are interested in a career in 3D CG.


By looking closely at the work posted on these sites by industry professionals and students a like, you will begin to get an idea of the standard you will need your work to reach to be employable when you graduate in 2018.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Week2 Growth Mindset

Here is a link about the importance of learning from mistakes and having a growth mindset...
just replace "new job" for Maya...


Saturday, 24 September 2016

Week 1 Homework

Initial Character Design Work
This week you are to begin your initial research into your character design. For next week's class you will be expected to present your initial research that will inform your preparatory character design sketches to the rest of the group for tutor and peer feedback. This work should be uploaded to a blog created specifically for this module. Please bring the blog link next week so that your work can be added to this module blog. Remember to create regular blog posts to document your process and progress on this module.

Below are some examples of character design sketch sheets.

You may also want to start thinking about the colours and textures you will want your character to be and add some colour studies/reference to your character sheets.

Week 1 Homework Checklist
  1. Begin Maya Training as directed in class on Lynda.com (at least 3 hours).
  2. Begin to collect images and reference material (research) into the type of character you want to build and create sketches of your initial ideas. (at least 2 hours).
  3. Create a blog and add your research and initial character designs and annotate with reflective comments and insights. (30 - 45 mins)
  4. Download a student copy of Autodesk Maya 2016 for your personal machine (if you have one).
Total homework time at least 6 hrs



This blog is going to be used as a communication tool and a learning resource for the ANIM2001 module. Your projects, activities and reminders of deadlines will be posted 
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You will see a list of websites on the right of the page. Please take the time to look at 
them, as they will help introduce you to the vast subject of CG Modelling and Texturing. 
I will be adding to this list throughout the year and would like you to contribute so if you 
find an interesting website about modelling, tell me about it (leave a comment on here 
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