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Annotated Blogs and Reflective Writing
Your blog should contain regular weekly posts, reflecting on the process of your model build and documenting your insights as you attempt to build a CG character to a high professional standard. Your blog should contain all your research and character sketches. Your weekly posts can include images, text, screen grabs, movies etc. After the module is finished your blog will be a valuable learning resource should you choose to continue learning Maya. 

Annotation means : "...a critical or explanatory note or body of notes added to a text or images."

Here's some information on Reflective Writing that you may find helpful...

Try and think about (and reflect upon) what the process feels like to build a character model in Maya.
  • Are you struggling with the process or are you finding it straight forward? 
  • How does this make you feel and how has it affected your creative/design decisions? 
  • Did you gain any insights this week about your work/processes/progression that surprised you? 
  • Have your expectations about your development in Maya been met? 
  • Or do you feel you have exceeded them or have you failed to have met them? 
  • Why is this and where is the evidence to demonstrate this?
You may also find these guides helpful in developing your reflective writing skills and structuring your blog posts:

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